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Vitality Regeneration Salve

Vitality Regeneration Salve

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Vitality Regeneration Salve has been scientifically proven that when you used prior to any activity, it will aid in depositing minerals essential to health, reduce inflammation, and boost the immune system.

Vitality Regeneration Salve  penetrates into soft tissue cells and muscle fibers to prevent soft tissue breakdown and muscle cramps.

Vitality Regeneration Salve used after an injury or post op complications significantly aids in the reduction of pain and swelling (edema). The salve will especially aid in lessening further swelling and tissue damage when applied to injury immediately after icing.

This is a breakthrough in soft tissue restoration, relieving muscle pain and joint discomfort. With a proprietary blend of medical grade Magnesium Sulfate , Arnica and Zeolite.  The benefits of this combination is nothing short of a miracle for those experiencing discomfort and chronic pain.

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